Hello! I'm Tess Donohoe, a creative based in Portland, Oregon. I grew up in Copenhagen, Denmark and moved to the States in 2004 to study art and design. I graduated from Art Center College of Design with Distinction in 2009, and began working as a graphic designer. My creative work focuses on the belief that we can use design and art as a positive force in society at all levels, from better wayfinding to system change. I'm always looking to see things differently, collaborate and experiment, reflect and problem-solve. However,  being a designer is a never-ending learning process, and I'm just getting started. I believe that to be a good designer you must realize that you're part of a larger world and that the best work comes from collaboration and curiosity. 

I've worked on projects addressing local government, the healthcare system, women's right, commercial sexual exploitation, HIV/AIDS long-term survivors and animal rights. I am always looking for projects or collaborations where I can work on solving problems through design.

In 2017, I co-founded DeanDonohoe, where I work closely with a limited set of clients. I'm lucky to have been with my talented husband, Ryan Donohoe, for over 15 years (and am happy to never shop at IKEA again).

Feel free to send all inquires to: tess@deandonohoe.com

A few of the clients I have worked with:

Adobe, Under Armour, Spotify, Oregon Metro, Novo foundation, OHSU, GENENTECH, willamette valley wine, Umpqua bank, American greetings.


Interview with Creative Mornings Portland.

Photos by:  Ashley Forrette

Photos by: Ashley Forrette